Our Approach

Our approach is based on integrity, avoiding the common pitfalls and prioritising the needs of the pupils in every member academy and the communities we serve.

We aim to empower our member schools with earned autonomy – giving Governors and school leaders the support they require to shape their school, whilst standards remain high. We share proven methods amongst our members, and provide support when standards fall below the thresholds set.

Our focus always remains on the well-being of every pupil, and their contribution to the community. We will help you to develop the full potential of your pupils and staff, and create a unique pupil offer with local relevance.

AtC members will benefit from a host of support services, including:

• Genuine support and collaboration
• Shared vision and reputation
• Broaden resources and expertise
• Draw from experience of education within varied economic and cultural backgrounds
• Plenty to offer – and plenty to learn
• Purchasing power
• Centralised services

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