Our Academies

Bowland High

Bowland is a unique school and a number of factors combine to make it so. Visitors to the school cannot fail to be impressed by the attitudes of our pupils. The friendly and supportive atmosphere in school is, to a large degree, due to the friendly, positive nature of the pupils. These attributes and values are nurtured by the staff, so that a genuine sense of community and a family atmosphere pervades all aspects of school life. We do not, however, take these things for granted, and prioritise the highest standards of behaviour and respect, insisting on excellent manners, courtesy and uniform.

Roseacre Primary Academy

At Roseacre Primary Academy we foster a shared vision of “Excellence for All – Excellence from All”, encouraging every child and adult to give their best and expect the best in return. Shared responsibility and ownership from staff, parents, children, the Governors and the wider community is encouraged.

The ethos of the academy is evident as you walk around the school, take in the displays, soak up the atmosphere and speak to children and staff. The Roseacre Values of Respect, Excellence, Determination, Tolerance, Courage and Honesty are high profile and children’s achievements are detailed and celebrated in weekly assemblies. The Roseacre Rules ensure that our high expectations of behaviour are clear and that every child has the chance to make good choices and achieve.

Thames Academy

At Thames we welcome children from 2 to 11 years of age to our Nursery and Academy. Our motto is ‘Let your potential soar’ and this is firmly at the heart of all we do. We strive to ensure our children develop as confident and enthusiastic learners who are resilient in the face of challenge. We guide our children’s development through a creative and exciting curriculum which ensures they are well rounded, tolerant and respectful and well equipped to be the citizens of the future. Our pupils, staff and parents are all proud to be a part of the Thames family.’

Witton Park Academy

We are extremely proud of our school; the achievements of our pupils, the expertise and dedication of our staff, our outstanding facilities and our reputation as a centre of excellence.

Our ultra-modern school buildings allow our pupils to flourish in facilities for learning that truly do enable us to trail blaze innovative learning – from the bright and attractive classrooms, to the fully equipped outside play areas, the facilities allow our pupils to fully explore their talents and to shine in those areas that they most enjoy.